Real Estate Sales

for-sale-sign-700x476Whether you are buying or selling your personal home, or looking to acquire or sell an investment property, we have the experience, sophistication and knowledge to help you with all your real estate needs. We specialize in South Orange County and the Beach areas, with a focus on: Condos, Single Family Residences and 2-15 Multi Family Units, and the acquisition due diligence process.

Our tenured agents at MB Realty have over 35 year in the Real Estate Industry, covering most aspects within the spectrum of buying and selling real estate and forming real estate partnerships. We combine this sophistication with a personal touch and make sure your property is given the personal attention to achieve the best results possible.

MB Realty also has experience working with properties in foreclosure and short sales and negotiating with lenders. We are approved by the Orange County Superior Court for probate sales and the US Bankruptcy Court for listings and sales.

If you are buying or selling, we make sure you get the best price for your property and expeditiously address your needs of buying or selling, or both.

Some of the services we provide our real estate buyers and/or sellers:

• A comprehensive analysis of your needs, along with an implemented seller’s marketing plan and/or acquisition action plan.
• A free property valuation to help determine the worth by carefully reviewing comparables in the area and assessing your property in relation to those comps.
• Experienced and effective real estate negations to get you the best net price for your property.
• An extensive network of realtors and investors within the industry.
• We arrange showings as needed for your schedule and situation.
• We advise seller’s how to best prepare the property for potential buyers to view, and tailor the sale to the area of your property, and to each of its unique features.
• We help you understand renovations or construction issues that may be situational to your property.
• For sellers, we engage in a comprehensive advertising campaign to give your property the ideal amount of exposure.
• We utilize current technology to help you find and buy your property, or to help in selling your property.
• We will help in the due diligence, financial analysis and finding the right lender for your financial needs.
• We help you with complex paperwork and legal and tax issues that can impact the sale of your property.
• We will represent you in a professional and ethical manner in all aspects of the transaction.
• We are here to WORK for you.


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